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2022 Artisan Flave Award Winners!

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1ST PLACE: Fonteccio’s - Italian Lemon Lime Soda

2ND PLACE: Built by Bees - Honey Shrub Blood


3RD PLACE: Christina Maser - Strawberry


Pickled Relishes

1ST PLACE: Julz's Creations - Corporate Fat Cat -

                    Chicago Styled Giardiniera

2ND PLACE: Oly Kraut - Eastern EuropeanWisC

3RD PLACE: Cottage Lane Kitchen - Spicy Pepper


Spicy Mustards

1ST PLACE: Chile Slinger BBQ - Fetalii Mustard

2ND PLACE: Flash Point - Blazing Mustard

3RD PLACE: Mikey V’s - Ghost of My Evil



1ST PLACE: Laderach - Toffee

2ND PLACE: PJF - Bourbon Toffee

3RD PLACE: A&M Organics - Huckleberry


Crunchy Snacks

1ST PLACE: WisConian Delectables - Garlic Sautéed

                     Black Truffle & Sea Salted Chips

2ND PLACE: Mikey V’s - BBQ Gator Toes

3RD PLACE: Deep Safety Pretzels - Jalapeno

Herb Blends

1ST PLACE: Rum and Que - Garlic Butter

2ND PLACE: The Spicy Lab - Smoky Maple

3RD PLACE: Black Gold - Shallot Powder

Spice Blend

1ST PLACE: Casa M Spice Co. - Chain Reaction

2ND PLACE: Wing-A-Lings - Bloody Mary

                     Mourning Rim Rub

3RD PLACE: Outer Spice - Coconut Thai Temple

Spicy Jams/Jellies

1ST PLACE: Christina Maser - Peach Habanero

2ND PLACE: Round Rock Jelly Co. - Hot Pepper

3RD PLACE: Rollicking Buckaroo - Hot Pepper


Spicy Grilling Sauces

1ST PLACE: Altar BBQ - Chile Lengua de Fuego

2ND PLACE: Cook Lounge BBQ - Sweet & Heat

3RD PLACE: Milwaukee Sauce Co. - Fire Sauce

Ethnic Sauces

1ST PLACE: Weak Knees - Gochujang Sriracha

2ND PLACE: Torchbearer Sauces - Psycho Curry

3RD PLACE: Men Pa’w - Umami Mild Gourmet


Extra Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: Hotter than El - Reaper’s Revenge

2ND PLACE: Spice Dog - St. Elmo’s Fire

3RD PLACE: H. Sauce

Bloody Mary Mixes

1ST PLACE: Geeze Louise - Sangrita

2ND PLACE: 100 Mile Sauce Co.

3RD PLACE: Parkway - Craft Caesar Mix

Hot Tomato Sauces

1ST PLACE: Bow Valley - Killa Ketchup

2ND PLACE: Jumpin’ Jacks - Citrus & Habanero


3RD PLACE: A&M Organics - Kickin’ Cayenne


1ST PLACE: Culley’s Kitchen - Pickle-naise

2ND PLACE: Pesto and Chili - Pesto

3RD PLACE: Burnt Ends - White Wrath


1ST PLACE: Savage Jerky Co. - Stung

2ND PLACE: Artas'n - Original


1ST PLACE: Anahola Granola - Mango Ginger

2ND PLACE: Kipimana Hawaiian Granola - Chai

                     Spiced Macadamia

3RD PLACE (TIE): Golden Girl - Creative Cranberry

3RD PLACE (TIE): Alskinny Brothers - Coconut


1ST PLACE: The Spicy Lab - Hawaiian Hula

2ND PLACE: BOûLD Ass - Rib Rub

3RD PLACE: Steamin’ Steve's, Sweet Mesquite

Extra Spicy Blends

1ST PLACE: Borikua - Spicy Caballero

2ND PLACE: Old St. Augustine - Cajun Datil

3RD PLACE: Full Boar BBQ - Cajun Seasoning


1ST PLACE: Nosh Butters - Pistachio Almond

2ND PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Coconut Black

                    Chocolate Butter

3RD PLACE: Linden’s Gourmet - Apple Butter

Fruit Sauces

1ST PLACE: The Great Eight - Strawberry Sauce

2ND PLACE: Deep River - Watermelon

3RD PLACE: Hook & Arrow - Pineapple Jalapeno

Mustard Sauces

1ST PLACE: Rum and Que - Mustard Sauce

                    Carolina Style

2ND PLACE: University of Que - The Gold


3RD PLACE: Rebel - Gold Digger

Tomato Sauces

1ST PLACE: Aiello - Nonna Mariantonia

2ND PLACE: Cinzia’s - Knotty Sauce

3RD PLACE: Chilicum - Hot Pizza Sauce


1ST PLACE: Deep River Specialty Foods - Apple

                   Onion Bacon Jam

2ND PLACE: My Chili - Onion Chutney

3RD PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Meyer Lemon

                     Moroccan Harissa


1ST PLACE: Linden’s Gourmet - Almost Original


2ND PLACE: Old Brooklyn Mustard - Bohemian


3RD PLACE: Jumpin’ Jacks - Honey Mustard


1ST PLACE: Torchbearer Sauces - Oh My Garlic

2ND PLACE:  Gods of Sauces - Thai Dressing

3RD PLACE: Bootlikker - Saucy Jack


1ST PLACE: OH Ohannneson - Olive Oil

2ND PLACE: Silver Leaf - Olive Oil with Ghost


Sweet Snacks

1ST PLACE: Nutkrack - Candied Pecans

2ND PLACE: Mary’s Gone Kookies - Honey

3RD PLACE: Deep Fork Pecans - Jalapeno Pecan



1ST PLACE: Texas Salt Co. - Cowboy Salt

2ND PLACE: Behrnes - Cayenne Pepper Salt

3RD PLACE: The Brew Chef’s - Black Garlic



1ST PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Blueberry Maple


2ND PLACE: Blossom Meadows Farm - Raspberry

                     Blood Orange Jam

3RD PLACE: Linden's Gourmet - Carrot Cake Jam

Grilling Sauces

1ST PLACE: Spicewine Ironwork, Blue Collar

2ND PLACE: My Dad's BBQ - Original

3RD PLACE: Chuck's - Original

Spicy Fruit Sauces

1ST PLACE: Rising Smoke - Pineapple Oasis

2ND PLACE: Villain - The Sinister Delight

3RD PLACE: The Love Sauce - Sinister Jack

Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: Flavor Factory - Life Support

2ND PLACE: Hot Graham - Concerto

3RD PLACE: Angry Irishman - Garlipeno


1ST PLACE: Harmacy Hot Sauce Co. - Brimstone


2ND PLACE: Yo Mama’s Style - Colorado Style

                     Green Chile

3RD PLACE: Texas Twister - Sweet and Spicy

                     Jalapeno Salsa-Relish

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