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2024 Artisan Flave Award Winners!

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1ST PLACE: Explorer Cold Brew - 'The Magician'

                   Honey Chai Concentrate

2ND PLACE: Parkway Inc. - Parkway Mocha Oat

                    Milk Latte

3RD PLACE: Tezahn - Wellness Box

Grilling Sauces

1ST PLACE: Torcatha BBQ Sauce - Torcatha

                   BBQ Sauce - Original

2ND PLACE: Braai BBQ Seasonings -

                    Barbecue Red Sauce

3RD PLACE: Abundant Acres Farm - Poppi's

                    KC Supreme BBQ Sauce


1ST PLACE: Galloway Gourmet Foods - Ginger

                   Garlic Mombo Sauce

2ND PLACE: The Outback Cookin' Company -


3RD PLACE: Black Sheep Culinary Arts, LLC -

                    Bloom Sauce & Marinade - Original

Extra Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: Wicked Provisions - Smoked Onion

                   Chipotle Hot Sauce

2ND PLACE: Papa Caps Foods - Hickory Jalapeno

3RD PLACE: Rising Smoke Sauceworks - Synergy

Mustard Sauces

1ST PLACE: Torchbearer Sauces - Honey Mustard

2ND PLACE: Flash Point Sauces, LLC - Smokin'


3RD PLACE: Chipper Dog BBQ - Olde Yella


1ST PLACE: Twissted Texas Foods LLC -

                   Sweet-n-Spicy Jalapeño Relish

2ND PLACE: Deep Fork Foods - Jumpin' Jack's

                    Candied Jalapenos

3RD PLACE: LoneStar Pepper Co. - Hot-N-Sweet

                    Pepper Relish


1ST PLACE: Atlantic Mustard Mill - Laddie Sings

                   the Blues

2ND PLACE: Five Star Montauk - Scotch Chipotle

                    Glazing Butter

3RD PLACE: MST Sauce Company - MST Dry Rub


Spicy Pickled Products

1ST PLACE: [PICKLES] by Evergreen and Market -

                   The Ghost Pickle

2ND PLACE: Miss Kim's Jams and Pickles -

                    Sweet Heat Pickles

3RD PLACE: Three Dogs Pickles - Spicy

                    Pickled Pineapple


1ST PLACE: Locally Good - Garlic Scape and Basil

                   Infused Apple Cider Vinegar

2ND PLACE: Point Blank Pepper Company -

                    Table Sauce Version 2.0

3RD PLACE: Locally Good - Jalapeño Infused

                    Pineapple Vinegar


1ST PLACE: Trilby's BBQ Sauce and Seasonings -

                   Salish Seasoning Salt

2ND PLACE: Smokehouse Seven - Whiskey Oak

                    Smoked Sea Salt

3RD PLACE: Texas Salt Co - Cowgirl Salt

Spicy Seasonings

1ST PLACE: Rollicking Buckaroo Pepper - Honey

                   Aleppo Pepper Seasoning

2ND PLACE: Andy’s World Famous LLC - Heat Your

                    Meat™️ spG Hot & Heavy Garlic

3RD PLACE: Smokey Joe’s Rubs - Korean BBQ

Sweet Snacks


                   Kawachi Bankan Peels

2ND PLACE: Behrnes - Spicy Macadamia Toffee

                    with Behrnes’ Hatch Pepper Salt

3RD PLACE: Deep Fork Foods - Jumpin’ Jack’s

                    Spicy Fruit Chews


1ST PLACESpotted Horse Provisions - Blueberry

                   Lavender Jam

2ND PLACE: Blossom Meadow Farm - Ruby

                    Grapefruit - Red Raspberry

3RD PLACE: Fired Up Jellies and Jams -

                    Strawberry Vanilla Rhubarb Jam

Nut Butters

1ST PLACE: U Bar Nuts - Dark Chocolate

                   Pecan Butter

2ND PLACE: Nutty Novelties LLC - Cinnamon

                    Almond Butter

3RD PLACE: Flaming Koala Hot Sauce -

                    CPB Smooth

Fruit Products

1ST PLACE: BMKC Canada Inc. - Orange Bourbon

2ND PLACE: Geeze Louise LLC - White Peach

                    Serrano Pepper BBQ Sauce

3RD PLACE: CW Dressings - Sweet Date

                    Hot Sauce


1ST PLACE: Portland Syrups - Passion Fruit Citrus

                   Premium Beverage Concentrate


                    Yuzu Extract

3RD PLACE: J's Kombucha - Lime-Mint-Ginger

Spicy Grilling Sauces

1ST PLACE: My Dad’s BBQ - My Dad's BBQ

                   Spicy Sauce

2ND PLACE: Mantis BBQ - Ghostly Glaze

3RD PLACE: Jordan's General Store Ltd. - Jordan

                    Ridge Sweet Jalapeno BBQ

Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: Mammoth Sauce Co. - St Malo

2ND PLACE: Heckler Hot Sauce - Gerry’s


3RD PLACE: Earthquake Spices - Into the Hive

Tomato Sauces

1ST PLACE: Antonio Carlo Gourmet Sauces -

                   Roasted Garlic

2ND PLACE: Frankie + Vincie's - iL Sugo di


3RD PLACE: Spotted Horse Provisions - Tomato

                    Basil Sauce

Salsas - Mild/Medium

1ST PLACE: Christine's Salsa LLC - Chipotle Taco

2ND PLACE: Texuela Salsa LLC - Texuela Salsa


                            Belle LLC - Chipotle Ranch

3RD PLACE(TIE): Petreaux's Gourmet Hot Sauce -

                            Petreaux's Salsa Verde


1ST PLACEDrunk Chicks Craft Sauces - Wurst

                   Chick... German Style Ketchup

2ND PLACE: Big Bayou Cocktail Sauce - Jalapeno

                    Cocktail Sauce

3RD PLACE: Atlantic Mustard Mill - Curry Catchup


1ST PLACE: Oma & Popie's - Spicy Fry Sauce

2ND PLACE: Louisiana Creole Pecan Candy -

                    Creole•ish Barbecue Sauce

3RD PLACE: AHarmacy Hot Sauce Co. -

                    Brimstone Rimjob


1ST PLACE: Joy Cacao Coffee Plantation - Red

                   Oolong Chocolate

2ND PLACE: Siyo Chocolate! - Dark Milky

                    Chocolate 38% Cacao

3RD PLACE: Deep Fork Foods - Karamella Salted

                    Dark Chocolate Toffee

Herb Blend Seasonings

1ST PLACE: Blue Wren Spice & Condiment - Red

                   Head Rub & All-Purpose Seasoning

2ND PLACE: Timbo’s Spice - Southwest Pork &

                    Rib Rub

3RD PLACE: B.T. Leigh's Sauces and Rubs -

                    Somethin' For Summer

Spicy Salts

1ST PLACE: Decadence Gourmet - The Pacific Rim

2ND PLACE: Smokey Joe’s Rubs - Smokey

                    Chipotle Chip Dust

3RD PLACE: Flaming Koala Hot Sauce - Bangher

                    Scorpion Sea Salt

Salty Snacks - Crackers

1ST PLACE: Hungry Bird Eats - Rye + Sea Salt

                   Nordic Crisps

2ND PLACE:  Spices Smokehouse Crackers -

                     Smokehouse Poppers “Salsa”

3RD PLACE: Mary's Gone Crackers - Super

                     Seed Classic

Spicy Snacks

1ST PLACE: White Rock Granola - Snackola -

                   Texas Kick

2ND PLACE: MST Sauce Company - MST Social

                    Burn Chips

3RD PLACE: Chilicum - Chili Peanuts

Spicy Jams/Jellies

1ST PLACE: Janet's Finest Compotes - Peach Berry

                   Jalapeño Compote

2ND PLACE: SmokehouseJellies, LLC - Smoked

                    Blackberry & Habanero Pepper Jelly

3RD PLACE: LoneStar Pepper Co - Blackberry Fire


1ST PLACE: Honey for Life - Desert Mallee TA 20+

2ND PLACE: The3Beez - The3Beez Sider Honey


3RD PLACE: Jam Session Honey and Preserves -

                    Wildflower Honey

Cured Meats/Jerkies

1ST PLACE: Fat Cow Jerky - Black Pepper Garlic

2ND PLACE: Green Wolf Foods - Tomato Basil


3RD PLACE: Artas’n Meats - Original Bourbon

                    Beef Jerky

Bloody Mary Mixes

1ST PLACE: Carrie’s Merries - Original Mixologist

                   Grade Bloody Mary Mix

2ND PLACE: Deep Fork Foods - Bentley's Batch 5

                    Original Bloody Mary Mix

3RD PLACE: MiddleBar - Bloody Mary Mix

Ethnic Sauces

1ST PLACE: B.T. Leigh's Sauces and Rubs -

                   Somethin’ Nutorious

2ND PLACE: Mythos Sauce Co - Shinigami

3RD PLACE: Pup & The Pepper - Cilantro Verde

Super Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: TheBotanistAlchemy - Loaded Barrel

2ND PLACE: Villain Sauce Co. - Bad Guy Sauce

3RD PLACE: Knox Your Socks Off - Abandon

                     All Hope - Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Mushroom Sauces

1ST PLACE: Parson's Meadow Farm - Cry to Umami

2ND PLACE: Wicked Provisions - Magic

                    Mushroom Stout

3RD PLACE: Torchbearer Sauces - Mushroom


Salsas - Hot/X-Hot

1ST PLACE: Karami - Karami Japanese Salsa


                    Margaritas Medium Hot Salsa

3RD PLACE: Sweet Kickin Salsa LLC - Sweet

                    Kickin Salsa Ghost Pepper


1ST PLACE: Yellow Deer Mustard - Dill Pickle


2ND PLACE: Linden's Gourmet - Honey Dijon 

3RD PLACE: Atlantic Mustard Mill - Curry


Pickled Veggies

1ST PLACE: Basia's Pickles - Homestyle Pickles

2ND PLACE: Keating & Co. Condiments - Wizard

                    Pickles - Fenugreek The Great

3RD PLACE: Julz's Creations - Julz's Bread and

                     Butter Pickles

Spicy Oils

1ST PLACE: DC Cartel - The Original 1983 -

                   Limited Release Crispy Chilli Oil

2ND PLACE: Fresh Fenix - Charapita Chili Crunch

3RD PLACE: For J's Hawaii Inc. - Crispy Garlic

                    Chili Oil


1ST PLACE: Timoteo's Spice Co. - Desert Rattler

2ND PLACE: MAS - MAS Wonder Rub

3RD PLACE(TIE): Reeedz BBQ - Sweet Rib Rub

3RD PLACE(TIE): Indigo Lake Sauce Company -

                            Mango Chipotle Rub &

                            Margarita Rimmer

Spice Blends

1ST PLACE: TonzKitchen - Korean BBQ

                   Spice Blend

2ND PLACE: The Spice Lab - Night Market 

3RD PLACE: Those Florida Guys - SPF 7

Crunchy Snacks - Chips

1ST PLACE: WisConian Delectables - First Class

                   Garlic Chips

2ND PLACE: Red Beard Seasonings - Steak &

                    Brisket Chips

3RD PLACE: Koeze Company - Zestos Seasoned

                    Tortilla Chips - Original Pub Style


1ST PLACE: Q's Nuts, LLC. - New England 5 Spice

                   Mixed Nuts

2ND PLACE: Pilgrim’s Roasted Nut’Z - Garlic,

                    Parmesan, Cracked Pepper Hazelnuts

3RD PLACE: Veronica’s Health Crunch, LLC -

                    Maple Vanilla Pecans

Alcohol-Infused Jams

1ST PLACE: Fat Crow Gourmet - Cherry

                   Amaretto Jam

2ND PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Mango Cognac

3RD PLACE: Rockin JR Ranch - Blackberry

                    Bourbon Jam

Flavored Honeys

1ST PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Citrus Blossom

                   Hawaiian Honey

2ND PLACE: Bushwick Kitchen - Bees Knees

                    Meyer Lemon Honey

3RD PLACE: Lord Byron’s Apiary - Raspberry &

                    Honey Spread

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