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2018 Awards

2018 Spicy Flave Awards


The Grand Champion/People’s Choice Award goes to Oy Poppamies for their Cherry and Cola Barbecue Sauce. As the winner, they receive a special glass- blown award and a sampler pack from the 2018 Spicy Flave Awards that contains products entered from the awards.


BBQ- Mild

  1. Smoky Jon’s- Original Supreme

  2. Bow Valley BBQ- Bigfoot Bold

  3. Angry Irishman- Finishing


BBQ- Medium

  1. Smoky Jon’s- Fiery Supreme

  2. Bow Valley BBQ- Winged Buffalo

  3. Howling Wolf Xtra Spicy

BBQ- Hot

  1. Steamin’ Steve’s- Hot

  2. Saucy Minx- Honey Habenero

  3. World Famous Hot Sauce- Habanero BBQ

BBQ- Tomato Based

  1. Full Boar- Sweet and Spicy

  2. Elijah Xtreme- Tangy Fire

  3. Smoky Jon’s- Fiery Supreme

BBQ- Fruit

  1. Oy Poppamies- Cherry and Cola

  2. Jake and Aimee’s- Smoky Raspberry Sauce

  3. Howling Wolf- Honey Huckleberry

BBQ- Alcohol Infused

  1. GaBko- BBQ with Whiskey and Honey

  2. Sarreti Chilifarm- Whiskey in a Jar

  3. Saucy Minx- Smoke Peach-Mango with Rum

Hot Sauce- Mild

  1. Rising Smoke- Firestarter

  2. Kerala- Clark and Hopkins

  3. Crum’s- Hot Ta Molly

Hot Sauce- Medium

  1. North End- Sweet Heat

  2. Bootlikker Hot Sauce

  3. Pot Uno’s Infamous Hot Sauce- Painapple


Hot Sauce- Hot

  1. Gindo’s- Whiskey Habanero

  2. Double Comfort- Memphis Heat

  3. Hotter Than El- 24K Gold


Hot Sauce- Xtra Hot

  1. Grim Reaper- The Raven

  2. Crum’s- Grim

  3. Rising Smoke- Slow Death


Hot Sauce- Louisiana Style

  1. Old St. Augustine- Snake Bite

  2. Hotter Than El- Gator Jake’s Rajun Cajun

  3. Soothsayer- Domesplitter


Hot Sauce- Asian Style

  1. BonMi- BonFire

  2. NW Elixirs- Bangkok- Hott

  3. Ghost Scream- Vindaloo Curry


Hot Sauce- Fruit Based

  1. Gemini Crow- Jack the Reaper

  2. Soothsayer- Lamplighter

  3. Black Eye- Disco Juice


Salsa- Mild

  1. Red’s- Original Salsa

  2. Salsa Joe L. Diablo- Minnesota Mild

  3. That’s So Good- Mild- Medium Salsa Verde


Salsa- Medium

  1. Salsa Joe L. Diablo- Satan’s Ketchup

  2. Old St. Augustine- Snake Bite

  3. Salsa God- Fire Roasted Red


Salsa- Hot

  1. Lyndy’s Green Chile- Hot

  2. Red’s- Hot Salsa

  3. Salsa Joe L. Diablo- Satan’s Tears


Salsa- Xtra Hot

  1. Tastin’ Jamaican- Lethal SE

  2. Salsa Joe L. Diablo- Satan’s Reaper

  3. Red’s- Ghost Pepper Salsa


Salsa- Verde

  1. Salsa God- Salsa Verde

  2. Lyndy’s Green Chile- Medium

  3. Mark’s Secret Stuff- Totally Tomatillo


Salsa- Fruit

  1. Elijah Xtreme- Spicy Caribbean Chutney

  2. Salsa Joe L. Diablo- Devil’s Delight

  3. Red’s Mango Habanero


Salsa- Unique/Specialty

  1. Tastin’ Jamaican- Pumpkin Spice

  2. Mark’s Secret Stuff- Sprecher Root Beer

  3. Ghost Scream- Chili Garlic Paste


Condiments- Ketchup

  1. Little Acre- Three Pepper Ketchup

  2. Jak Jackel- Detroit Style Coney Sauce

  3. Red Canyon Spice- Kowboy Ketchup

Condiments- Mustard

  1. Angry Irishman- Chipotle

  2. Hot Mama Belize- Mustard Pepper Sauce

  3. Ben’s Mustard- Sweet and Hot


Wing Sauce- Mild/Medium

  1. Bow Valley BBQ- Winged Buffalo

  2. C&J Farms- Jalapeno Honey

  3. Bow Valley BBQ- Total Jerk

Wing Sauce- Hot/Xtra Hot

  1. Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce- Classically Original

  2. JLD Hot Sauce and Knives- Bhut Jolokia Extra Hot Sauce

  3. Hoss Soss- Bi-Bim

Condiments- Marinade

  1. NW Elixirs-Hott Smoke

  2. Old St. Augustine- Fountain of Youth

  3. Mitch Maier’s- Black Garlic Sauce and Marinade

Condiments- Steak Sauce

  1. Jimmy’s Sauces- Steak Sauce

  2. Bow Valley BBQ- Blueberry Merlot

  3. Elijah Xtreme- Tangy Fire


Condiments- Seasonings/Dry rubs- Mild/Medium

  1. The Saucery- Rub

  2. Salty Wahine- Island Volcano Seasoning

  3. Splash Café- Beach BBQ Blend


Condiments- Seasonings/Dry Rubs- Hot/Xtra Hot

  1. Saucy Minx- Flamin’ Fury

  2. Double Comfort- Soul of the South

  3. C&J Farms- Habanero Lime

Pickled Veggies

  1. Old St. Augustine- Jalapeno Onion Relish

  2. The Saucery- Spicy Garlic Cloves

  3. River City Savories- Thai Slaw

Treats- Snacks

  1. Sarreti Chilifarm- Chili & Choco Pumpkin ball

  2. Gemini Crow/ Demon Vegan- Slasher Snacks

  3. Wicked Lix- Cinnamon Whiskey Cherries

Treats- Jam/Jelly- Mild/Medium

  1. Rollicking Buckaroo- Medium

  2. Elijah Xtreme- Deer Smear

  3. Hot Mama Belize- Habanero Pepper Jelly

Treats- Jam/Jelly- Hot/Xtra Hot

  1. Rollicking Buckaroo- Hot

  2. The Saucery- Peach Ghost Pepper Jelly

  3. Ghost Scream- Chili Garlic Jam

Specialty Drinks

  1. Evil Cowboy

  2. 100 Mile- Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

  3. Spooky- Sriracha

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