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2021 Spicy Flave Award Winners!

Spicy 2021.png

Mustard BBQs

1ST PLACE: Steamin' Steve's - Tennessee Gold

2ND PLACE: Beezer's - Hoosier Gold

3RD PLACE: Red Ass Gourmet - Brandon's Honey


Alcohol-Infused BBQs

1ST PLACE: Rising Smoke - Drunken Smokehouse

2ND PLACE: Poppamies - Hot Bourbon

3RD PLACE: Dorset Chilli Shop - Smoky

Medium BBQs

1ST PLACE: Mike D's BBQ - Big Sauce

2ND PLACE: Full Boar BBQ - Bonfire Sweet Heat

                     Spicy BBQ Sauce

3RD PLACE: Okie Bo's - Serrano Oklahoma Style


1ST PLACE: University of Que - Gold Standard

                    Mustard Sauce & Dip

2ND PLACE: San Juan Mountain - Maple Horse


3RD PLACE: Deep Fork Foods, Jumpin' Jacks -

                     Honey Mustard


1ST PLACE: Spicy Caballero Seasonings - Spicy


2ND PLACE: Salty Wahine - Pineapple Poultry

3RD PLACE: Polar Bear Kitchen - Polar Explosion

Wing Sauces Mild/Med

1ST PLACE: Griffin’s - Original Wing Sauce

2ND PLACE: Poppamies - White BBQ

3RD PLACE: Parson’s Meadow Farm - Habanero

                     Maple Hot Sauce

Verde Salsas

1ST PLACE: Deep Fork Foods, Small Town Spice -

                    Pepper Butter

2ND PLACE: Lone Star Pepper Co. - Hot and

                     Sweet Pepper Relish

3RD PLACE: Poppamies - The Sauce, Sweet Chili

Medium Salsas

1ST PLACE: Itnom, S.A. - Pokon Lava Hot Sauce

2ND PLACE: Bow Valley - Sweet Chili Corn Salsa

3RD PLACE: Texas Twister - Chipotle, Gourmet


Hot Sauces - Medium

1ST PLACE: Bushwick Kitchen, Weak Knees -

                   Crisp Apple, Jalapeno

2ND PLACE: Kieltys, Hot Sweet Chili

3RD PLACE: Gindo’s, Truffle Parmesan

Hot Sauces - Ultra-Hot

1ST PLACE: Hellfire - Kranked

2ND PLACE: Burning Angel - RDMX 1.0

3RD PLACE: Zach’s Pesto and Chili - 


Caribbean Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Black-Eyed Susan Spice Co. - Death

                    by Chocolate

2ND PLACE: Tom's Hot Stuff - No.91 Brenn Stoff

3RD PLACE: Bushwick Kitchen, Weak Knees - 

                     Peach Mango Scotch Bonnet

Latin Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Gindo’s - Grumpy Gaucho

2ND PLACE: A&M Organics - Black Ribbon

3RD PLACE: Varady Chili - Meggyes Rumos Chili



1ST PLACE: Mary’s Gone Crackers - Jalapeno


2ND PLACE: Addicting Pretzels - 5 Alarm


3RD PLACE: WisConian Delectables - Spicy

                     Spinach Chips

Jams/Jellies Hot/X-Hot

1ST PLACE: Johnson Berry Farms - Tayberry

                   Habanero XXX

2ND PLACE: Gables Delight - Mango Jalapeno

3RD PLACE: Grim Reaper Foods - Yellow Lemon

                     Habanero Marmalade

Chipotle BBQs

1ST PLACE: Warehouse BBQ - Huck's Heat

2ND PLACE: Kieltys - Hand Smoked Chipotle

3RD PLACE: Bow Valley - Winded Buffalo

Vinegar BBQs

1ST PLACE: B.T. Leigh's - Jalapeno Business

2ND PLACE: University of Que - G.P.A. Sauce

3RD PLACE: Redneck BBQ Lab - North Carolina


Hot BBQs

1ST PLACE: Casey's Own BBQ - Spicy BBQ

2ND PLACE: RJ's Bob-Be-Que Shack - Texas


3RD PLACE: Uncle Mungo's - Garlic Bhut Jolokia

Hot Honeys

1ST PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Campanian 

                   Controne Hot Pepper

2ND PLACE: Egri Chiligok 1552 with Truffle &

                     Truffle Oil, Terra Tuffola, Fustos

3RD PLACE: Flour Girl & Flame - Flaming Hot


Spice Blends

1ST PLACE: Deep Fork Foods, Jumpin’ Jack’s -

                   Dragon Magic Powder

2ND PLACE: Old St. Augustine - Datil Chipotle

3RD PLACE: Wing-A-Ling - Baa-Baa Blackened


Wing Sauces Hot/Extra

1ST PLACE: Bow Valley - Bow Grizzly

2ND PLACE: Gods of Sauces - Thanatos Korean

                     Extra Hot Sauce

3RD PLACE: Chiller Manufacktura - Buffalo

Specialty Salsas

1ST PLACE: Egri Chiliagok, Terra Tuffola, Suto

                    Tokos, Tokmagos

2ND PLACE: Texas Twister - Sweet and Spicy

                     Jalapeno Relish

3RD PLACE: Deep Fork Foods, Jumpin’ Jacks -

                     Candied Jalapenos

Hot Salsas

1ST PLACE: Durango Artisan Foods - Casera Hot


2ND PLACE: HellFire, Devil’s Blend - HellFire Hot

                     Sauce, Roasted Reaper

3RD PLACE: Burning Angel - Remeselnicka Chili

                     Omacka, Mr. T

Hot Sauces - Hot

1ST PLACE: Poppamies - Rocoto

2ND PLACE: Black-Eyed Susan Spice Co. -

                     Trinidad Thyme Bomb

3RD PLACE: Christina Maser Pantry - Jim’s Red

Pepper Blend Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Soothsayer, Chicago Pizza Summit -

                    Summit Sauce

2ND PLACE: The Chili Project - Signature Blend

3RD PLACE: Pikanterie - Bhut Jolokia, Jahoda


Louisiana Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Men Pa’w - La Bomba

2ND PLACE: Hellfire - The Elixir

3RD PLACE: Spice Dog - Bayou Scuttle

Asian Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Tahitian Lime

                    Vindaloo Curry

2ND PLACE: Gods of Sauces - Passion Fruit

                     Korean Hot Sauce

3RD PLACE: Hot Sauce.Hu - Sriracha Verde


1ST PLACE: Deep Fork Pecans - Cowboy Kettle


2ND PLACE: Behrnes - Habanero Peanuts

3RD PLACE: Nutkrack - Firecracker Chili Spiced

                     Candied Pecans

Specialty Drinks

1ST PLACE: Tom’s - Tom’s Hot Bowl

2ND PLACE: Peach Street Distillers - D’Agave


3RD PLACE: Shanti Elixirs - Jun, Mango Habanero

Fruit BBQs

1ST PLACE: The Great Eight - Blueberry Sauce

2ND PLACE: Eroc's - Raspberry Chipotle

3RD PLACE: Rebel Badass - Bon-Fire BBQ Sauce

Mild BBQs

1ST PLACE: Redneck BBQ Lab - Competition BBQ


2ND PLACE: Cook Lounge BBQ - Original BBQ

3RD PLACE: Casey's Own BBQ - Honey BBQ Sauce

Gluten Free BBQs

1ST PLACE: Smokey Jon's - Gourmet Supreme

                    BBQ Sauce

2ND PLACE:  My Dad's BBQ - Spicy BBQ

3RD PLACE: Papa Chuck's - Original BBQ

Table Seasonings

1ST PLACE: Outer Spice - Tijuana Dip Mix

2ND PLACE: Old St. Augustine - Datil Chipotle

3RD PLACE: Behrnes - Hatch Pepper Salt

Steak Sauces

1ST PLACE: Black Sheep - Bloom Sauce and


2ND PLACE: Casey’s Own BBQ - Steak Marinade

3RD PLACE: Bow Valley - Blueberry Merlot

Fruit Salsas

1ST PLACE: Durango Artisan Foods - Tropical

                    Hazy IPA

2ND PLACE: Sargadinnyes Chili Szosz - Melon


3RD PLACE: River City Savories - Funky Unky

                     Fruity Salsa

Mild Salsas

1ST PLACE: Christina Maser Pantry, Summer


2ND PLACE: Olchili - Nacho Nico

3RD PLACE: Omacka, Varady Chili - Salsa Szosz

Hot Sauces - Mild

1ST PLACE: Durango Artisan Foods - Mexican

                    Logger Jalapeno Hot Sauce

2ND PLACE: Red Ass Gourmet - Brandon’s Hot


3RD PLACE: The Way Hot Sauce Co. - Rockin’ Red


Hot Sauces - X-Hot

1ST PLACE: Villain - Sweet Carolina Reaper

2ND PLACE: The Way Hot Sauce Co. - Go Ahead

                     and Scream

3RD PLACE: Flash Point - Screaming Banshee

Fruit Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Flashpoint - Grim Peacher

2ND PLACE: The Chili Alchemist - Gold, craft IPA

                     Pineapple Sriracha Sauce

3RD PLACE: Hoss Soss - Pineapple

Chipotle Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Spice Dog - Teach’s Beard

2ND PLACE: Slasher Sauces - Sawyer Family Brew

3RD PLACE: Villain - Smoky Mountain Punch


1ST PLACE: White Rock Granola - C4 Explosion

2ND PLACE: A&M Organics - Spicy Huckleberry

                     Chocolate Habanero

3RD PLACE: Artas’n - Beef Jerky

Jams/Jellies Mild/Med

1ST PLACE: K’s European Jams - Spiced Plum


2ND PLACE: O’Hara’s - Cherry Habanero Jam

3RD PLACE: The Jelly Queens - Peach Pepper Jam

Bloody Mary Mixes

1ST PLACE: Billy Goat Saloon - Hair of the Goat

                    Bloody Mary Mix

2ND PLACE: STUs This is Bloody Mary

                     Concentrate - Smoked Jalapeno

3RD PLACE (TIE): Parkway - Craft Caesar Mix

3RD PLACE (TIE): Peach Street - Bloody Mary Mix

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