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2022 Spicy Flave Award Winners!

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Mustard BBQs

1ST PLACE: My Chilli - Smokey Honey Mustard

2ND PLACE: Smoke & Tears - Apiary Ablaze

3RD PLACE: Rum and Que - Mustard Sauce

Fruit BBQs

1ST PLACE: Iowa BBQ Store - Peach Szn

2ND PLACE: Hog Candy - Angry Apple

3RD PLACE: Chef Heatley’s - Mango BBQ

Mild BBQs

1ST PLACE: RJ’s Shack - Bob-Be-Cue

2ND PLACE: Spice It Up - Mild and Sassy

3RD PLACE: Iowa BBQ Store - Darty Drizzle

                     Finishing Sauce

Gluten Free BBQs

1ST PLACE: My Dad’s BBQ - Original

2ND PLACE:  Bow Valley - Killa Ketchup

3RD PLACE: Smoky Jon’s - Original Supreme

Chili Oils/Vinegars

1ST PLACE: Tonz Kitchen - Hot Chili Oil

2ND PLACE: Pot UNO’s - Fire in the Hole

3RD PLACE(TIE):, Partizan BBQ -

                             Hot Vinegar

3RD PLACE(TIE): Point Blank Pepper Co.

                            “Elevated” Sweet and Sour

Spice Blends

1ST PLACE: Spicy Caballero - Spicy Borikua

2ND PLACE: Outer Spice - Hot to Trot Dip Mix

3RD PLACE: Texas Black Gold Garlic - Coffee

                     Blackening Spice

Pickled Veggies

1ST PLACE: Point Blank Pepper Co. - Smoke Rings

2ND PLACE:, Mr. Beanz -

                     “a goromBAB”

3RD PLACE: Julz's Creations, Corporate Fat Cat -

                     Chicago Style Giardiniera

Wing Sauces Hot/Extra

1ST PLACE: Uncle Mungo’s - Scorpion Wing

2ND PLACE: Hellfire Hot Sauce - Pineapple Fatalli

3RD PLACE: My Chilli - Buffalo Hot Sauce

Specialty Salsas

1ST PLACE: Texas Twister - Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno

2ND PLACE: Bow Valley - Sweet Chili Corn Salsa

3RD PLACE: Deep Fork Foods, Jumpin’ Jacks -

                     Pepper Butter

Extra Hot Salsas

1ST PLACE: Powerful Pepper Co. - 4 Alarm Salsa

2ND PLACE: Hellfire Hot Sauce - Devil's Blend


3RD PLACE: Olchili - Top 3 Mix Smoked Hot Sauce

Hot Sauces - Hot

1ST PLACE: Dirty Bird’s - Swett Sauce Ghost

2ND PLACE: Ohio Hot Sauce Co. - Ghost Pepper


3RD PLACE: Petreaux’s - Dragon Sauce

Pepper Blend Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Gindo’s - Vampire Slayer

2ND PLACE: Men Pa’w - Gourmet Reserve Special

3RD PLACE: Dude, Seriously - Hot Sauce

Louisiana Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Mythos Sauce Co. - Athena

2ND PLACE: Adventure By Food - Bayou Pirate

3RD PLACE: The Love Sauce - The One

Asian Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Caulfield Provisions Co. - Szechuan

                    Style Red Pepper

2ND PLACE: Bushwick Kitchen, Weak Knees -

                     Curry Sriracha

3RD PLACE: Dawson’s - Sichuan Ghost Pepper

Mustard Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Flash Point Sauces - Smokin' Mustard

2ND PLACE: Caulfield Provisions Co. - Fiery


3RD PLACE: Soothsayer, Dopamines - Chili Lips

Jams/Jellies Mild/Med

1ST PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - BlackBerry

                    Jalapeno Irish Whiskey

2ND PLACE: Coco Fine Foods - Confetti Chili Jam

3RD PLACE: Powerful Pepper Co. - Blueberry

                     Manzano Chili Jam

Bloody Mary Mixes

1ST PLACE: Madge’s - Spicy Fermented Bloody Mix

2ND PLACE: Parkway - Craft Vodka Caesar

3RD PLACE: 100 Mile - Bloody Mary Mix

Asian BBQs

1ST PLACE: Gods of Sauces - Japanese Cherry

2ND PLACE: BBQ Angel’s Share BBQ - Premium

                     Meat Liquor

3RD PLACE: Okie Bo’s - Gochujang Bar B Q Sauce

Alcohol-Infused BBQs

1ST PLACE: Rising Smoke - Drunken Smokehouse

2ND PLACE: Olchili - Mr. Bacon

3RD PLACE: Egri Chil(i)agok - Janicsárok Dühe

Medium BBQs

1ST PLACE: Backwoods Premium Sauces - Sweet

                    Whiskey Habanero

2ND PLACE: Charcoal Cowboys - Gunpowder Sauce

3RD PLACE: Smoking Ghost BBQ - Haunted Heat


1ST PLACE: Linden’s Gourmet - Cajun Spice


2ND PLACE: Lost Capital - Economics Course

3RD PLACE: Angry Irishman - Stout Mustard

Table Seasonings

1ST PLACE: Poks Spices - Original Spicy West

                    African Seasoning

2ND PLACE: Bub’n Mutha’s - BBQ Margarita Dust

3RD PLACE: Pasatiempo Barbecue - Mocking Bird

Hot Spice Blends

1ST PLACE: Itnom, S.A., Pokon Lava - Lava Powder

2ND PLACE: BB’S Pure Hell Season All - Spicy

                     Meat Seasoning

3RD PLACE: Cooklounge BBQ - Hot Rub

Steak Sauce/Marinade

1ST PLACE: Chef Heatley’s - Bourbon Steak Sauce

2ND PLACE: Boss Brothers - Chicken Marinade

3RD PLACE: Tom’s Hot Sauce - Bonfire

Fruit Salsas

1ST PLACE: Deep Fork Foods, Jumpin’ Jacks -

                    Cranberry Salsa

2ND PLACE: Peppy Pete’s - Mango Habanero

3RD PLACE: Khalsa Salsa - Mango Habanero:

                     Indian Fusion Salsa

Mild/Medium Salsas

1ST PLACE: Christine’s - Spicy Taco Salsa

2ND PLACE: Dos Margaritas Salsa

3RD PLACE: Linden’s Gourmet - Savory Salsa

Hot Sauces - Mild

1ST PLACE: Dawson’s - Garlic Jalapeno

2ND PLACE: Prescribed Burn Sauces

                    Yamato Gold

3RD PLACE: Julz’s Creations - Tahitian Thunder

Hot Sauces - X-Hot

1ST PLACE: Fxcking Hot Sauce - Redneck Reaper

2ND PLACE: GI Jerky - Scorpion Stinger

3RD PLACE:, Kistermeloi Chiliszosz -

                     Carolina Reaper Miso

Fruit Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Mat’s Hat Shop - Peachango Tango

2ND PLACE: Crum’s - Peach Habanero

3RD PLACE: Zach’s Pesto and Chili - Weed Berry

Chipotle Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Hellfire Hot Sauce - Bourbon Chipotle

2ND PLACE: Villain Sauce Co. - Smoky Mountain


3RD PLACE: Powerful Pepper Co. - Ghost &

                     Black Garlic

Sweet Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Spices of the Sun - Green Devil Dance

2ND PLACE: Danielle’s - Sweet Habanero

3RD PLACE: Chilli Pikanterie - Sweet Dragon

Sweet Snacks

1ST PLACE: Deep Fork Foods, Karamella Toffee Co. -

                    Spicy Almond

2ND PLACE: Tom’s Hot Rods - Raspberry

3RD PLACE: Veronica’s Health Crunch - Sweet


Jams/Jellies Hot/X-Hot

1ST PLACE: Rockin JR Ranch - Texas Wild Fire

                   Pepper Jelly

2ND PLACE: Rollicking Buckaroo - Extra Hot

                     Pepper Jam

3RD PLACE: Gables Delight - Tomatillo Scotch


Chipotle BBQs

1ST PLACEWarehouse Barbecue Co. - Huck’s Heat

2ND PLACE: Burning Angel - BarBarQ

3RD PLACE: Lucky 19 Sauce Co. - Pablo Honey

Vinegar BBQs

1ST PLACE: B.T. Leigh’s - The Magical Mop

2ND PLACE: Ransom's BBQ Sauce - Original Recipe

3RD PLACE: Okie Bo's - Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Q

Hot BBQs

1ST PLACE: Lucky 19 Sauce Co. - The Devil's Bride

2ND PLACE: Cooklounge BBQ - Sweet Heat

3RD PLACE: Smoky Jon’s - Fiery Supreme

Hot Honeys

1ST PLACE: Two Heads - Hot Honey

2ND PLACE: Smoke and Tears - Smokesting Hot


3RD PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Macadamia

                     Bhutiah Red Pepper Honey


1ST PLACE: Wing-A-Lings - BAA-BAA Blackened


2ND PLACE: Chef Shelly’s - Montana Flavor to Savor

3RD PLACE: Rising Smoke - Bruno’s BBQ Rub


1ST PLACE: Texas Salt Co. - Triple Heat

                    Cocktail Salt

2ND PLACE: Behrnes - Hatch Pepper Salt

3RD PLACE: Rollicking Buckaroo - Habanero

                     HOT Salt

Wing Sauces Mild/Med

1ST PLACE: Boss Brothers - Peri Peri Sauce

2ND PLACE: Bow Valley - Winged Buffalo

3RD PLACE: Burning Angel - Wing Sauce

Verde Salsas

1ST PLACE: Petreaux’s - Salsa Verde

2ND PLACE: Faiya - Salsa Verde

3RD PLACE: Alicia Tomales Los Mayas -

                     Tomatillo Salsa

Hot Salsas

1ST PLACE: Sweet Kickin’ Salsa - Spicy Habanero

2ND PLACE: MyChilli - Sweet Onion Chutney

3RD PLACE: Faiya - Salsa Roja

Hot Sauces - Medium

1ST PLACE: Hook and Arrow - Habanero, Orange,


2ND PLACE: Two Heads - Music City Heat

3RD PLACE: Volcano Johnny’s - Summer Blonde

Hot Sauces - Ultra-Hot

1ST PLACE: Halogi - Valkyriesson

2ND PLACE: Pot UNO’s Infamous Hot Sauce -

                     Ass Buster

3RD PLACE: Splintered - Lu’au Pohaku

Caribbean Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Black-Eyed Susan Spice Co. - Trinidad

                   Thyme Bomb

2ND PLACE: Jorvik Ferments - Jerkish

3RD PLACE: Gods of Sauces - Smokey Jerk BBQ

Latin Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Lost Capital - Another Bad Investment

2ND PLACE: Moe Mountain - Hot Lava

3RD PLACE: Tom’s Hot Sauce - Evergreen

Jalapeno Hot Sauces

1ST PLACE: Nose Bleed - Brekky Flap Slap

2ND PLACE: Angry Irishman - Garlipeño Hot Sauce

3RD PLACE: Mythos Sauce Co. - Quetzalcoatl

Salty Snacks

1ST PLACE: Chilicum - Reaper Extreme Snack

2ND PLACE: GI Jerky - Fire Mission

3RD PLACE: Behrnes - Edamame Jalapeno

Specialty Drinks

1ST PLACE: Charcoal Cowboys - Smoked Whiskey Cocktail Mix 

2ND PLACE: Shanti Elixirs, Jun - Mango Habanero

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