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2023 Artisan Flave Award Winners!

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1ST PLACE: Sundry Mornings Spice - Bloody The                       Vampire Slayer - Original

2ND PLACE: Deep Fork Foods/Bentley’s Batch 5 -                      Reserve Barbecue Bloody Mary Mix

3RD PLACE: Geeze Louise! - Sangrita


1ST PLACE: The Hebridean Mustard Co. - Mustard

                   Sláinte Liquorice

2ND PLACE: Linden’s Gourmet - Dill & Garlic


3RD PLACE: Deep Fork Foods/Jumpin’ Jacks -

                    Honey Mustard


1ST PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Meyer Lemon

                   Moroccan Harissa

2ND PLACE: Zach's Pesto & Chili - Pesto- Jalapeno

3RD PLACE: Thrive Sauce Co. - Chilean



1ST PLACE: Branchish Jerky - Umami Jerky

2ND PLACE: Jamie’s Jerky - Organic Grass-Fed

                    Beef Jerky

3RD PLACE: Flock Foods - Chicken Skin Crisps

Herb Blends

1ST PLACE: Steamin’ Steve’s Barbeque -

                   Garlic Herb

2ND PLACE: BB’s Season All - Herbs & Garlic

3RD PLACE: Flavor Made Simple - Boccafina’s

                    Abbondante Seasoning

Spice Blend

1ST PLACE: Christine’s Salsa - Smoky Cheddar

                   Bacon Spice Blend

2ND PLACE: The Spice Trade Outpost - Greedy

                    Goblin Taco Seasoning

3RD PLACE: Chef Shelly’s Montana Flavor to

                    Savor - Fish Seasoning

Sweet Snacks

1ST PLACE: Veronica’s Health Crunch - Cinn-fully


2ND PLACE: Yips Yogurt Chips - Superberry

3RD PLACE: WisConian Delectables - Cheezi

                     Raspberry Crust Chips

Nut Butters

1ST PLACE: Noomi - Peanut Butter

2ND PLACE: U Bar Nuts - Cayenne Pecan Butter

3RD PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Coconut Butter


1ST PLACE: Bushwick Kitchen - Coffee Maple

2ND PLACE: Two Heads - Reaper Maple Syrup

3RD PLACE: Tom & Ma's Maple - Pure Maple


Fruit Sauces

1ST PLACE: Indigo Lake Sauce - Peach Reposado

                   Tequila Barbeque Sauce

2ND PLACE: Chiller Manufaktura - Intoxication

3RD PLACE: Linneweber’s Sauce Company -

                    Poblano Banana Plum

Spicy Ethnic Sauces

1ST PLACE: Sakari Farms - Belize Me Hot Sauce

2ND PLACE: B.T. Leigh’s - The Magical Mop

3RD PLACE: Mas Peppers - MAS Chipotle Sauce

Extra Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: Sauce Leopard - The Seventh Reaper-

                   Red Chimichurri Sauce

2ND PLACE: Ginger Goat - We Got the Beets Sauce

3RD PLACE: The Sealey Sauce Company -

                    Bourbon Barrel Hot Sauce

Hot Salsas

1ST PLACEChef Flaco’s Salsa/Wicked Provisions-

                   XXX Salsa

2ND PLACE: Sweet Kickin’ Salsa - Spicy Habanero

3RD PLACE: Hellfire Hot Sauce - Devil’s Blend



1ST PLACE: Decadence Gourmet - Colorado-Style

                   Southern Chow Chow

2ND PLACE: Old Bones Chilli Co - Smoked Chilli


3RD PLACE: Duxovo Chilli - Cibula Chutney

Spicy Mustards

1ST PLACE: Defiant Sauce Co. - Reaper’s Gold

2ND PLACE: Steamin’ Steve’s - Tennessee Gold

3RD PLACE: Tennessee Sauce Co. - Mustard Dill


Pickled Veggies/Fruits

1ST PLACE: Pickled Pink Foods - Perfectly

                   Pickled Peaches

2ND PLACE: Point Blank Pepper Co - Smoke Rings

3RD PLACE: Linden’s Gourmet - Perfectly

                    Pickled Beets

Spicy Meats

1ST PLACE: Avalon Meat Candy - Ponzu Sriracha

                   Beef Jerky Chips

2ND PLACE: Three Sisters Artisanal Meats -

                    Spanish-Style Dry Cured Chorizo

3RD PLACE: Jerky Rob - Korean BBQ


1ST PLACE: For J’s Hawaii - Steak Rub with Aloha

2ND PLACE: Barbecoa - Barbecoa Base for

                    Taste Rub

3RD PLACE: Wing-A-Lings - Railway Rib Rub

Spicy Spice Blends

1ST PLACEAndys World FamousHeat Your Meat

                   Spicy Everything Bagel Seasoning

2ND PLACE: Dan-O’s Seasoning - Dan-O’s Spicy

3RD PLACE: Itnom, S.A. - Pokon Lava Powder


1ST PLACE: Blossom Meadows Farm - Blueberry

                   Cara Cara Orange Jam

2ND PLACE: Rockin’ JR Ranch - Lavender

                    Lemonade Jelly

3RD PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Passion Fruit



1ST PLACE: True Gold Honey - Orange Blossom


2ND PLACE: The3 Beez - Kuwaiti Sider Honey

3RD PLACE: Jam Session Honey - Wildflower


Grilling Sauces

1ST PLACE: Gourmet Road Sauce Company -

                   Louisiana Blanc

2ND PLACE: FH Provisions, LLC. - Tobacco Road

                     Barbeque Sauce

3RD PLACE: Spice it Up Barbecue - Mild & Sassy

                    Barbeque Sauce

Spicy Fruit Sauces

1ST PLACE: Burning Angel Chili - Mon Cherry

2ND PLACE: Rising Smoke Sauceworks -

                    Pineapple Oasis

3RD PLACE: Nose Bleed Chilli Co - Caribbean

                     Ring Sting


1ST PLACE: CW Dressings - Date Balsamic


2ND PLACE:  Two Heads Hot Sauce - Ruby + Red

                     Raspberry Chipotle Glaze

3RD PLACE: Canokie Foods - Everythang Sauce

SUPER Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: Hellfire Hot Sauce - Angry Orange

2ND PLACE: Red Beard’s Hot Sauce - Habanero &

                    Carolina Reaper Sauce

3RD PLACE: Spice Dog Provisions - Ghost Ship

                    Hot Sauce

Salsa Verde

1ST PLACE: Thrive Sauce Co. - Peruvian Verde

2ND PLACE: Petreaux’s - Salsa Verde

3RD PLACE: Leaning R Salsa - Roasted Tomatillo


Ketchups/Tomato Sauces

1ST PLACE: Bow Valley BBQ - Killa Ketchup

2ND PLACE: Maletta’s Hot Sauce - Senor

                    Bacon, Eh?

3RD PLACE: The Polar Bear Kitchen - Backyard

                     BBQ Sauce

Wing Sauces

1ST PLACE: Drunk Chicks Craft Sauces - Flirty

                   Chick... Honey Buffalo Sauce

2ND PLACE: Old Bones Chilli Co - Buffalo Sauce

3RD PLACE: European Flavor Factory - Caribbean

                     Affair Hot Sauce


1ST PLACE: Deep Fork Foods/Karamella Toffee

                   Company - Coffee Almond Toffee

2ND PLACE: Akaka Falls Farm - Kona Coffee Dark


3RD PLACE: A&M Organics - Huckleberry



1ST PLACE: Sweet’s Elderberry - Sweet’s

                   Elderberry Shrub

2ND PLACE: Wild Heart Sipping Vinegar - Pear

                    Cardamom Rosemary

3RD PLACE: Point Blank Pepper Co - Original

                    Table Sauce


1ST PLACE: Texas Salt Co. - Bourbon Barrel

                    Smoked Salt

2ND PLACE: Smokey Joe’s Rubs - Loaded Salt –

                    Citrus Twist

3RD PLACE: Behrnes - Jalapeno Pepper Salt

Salty Snacks

1ST PLACE: Mary’s Gone Crackers - Cheese &

                    Herb Flavor

2ND PLACE: Ajoje Snacks - Original Flavor

3RD PLACE: Facepunch Foods - 6 Pepper Peanuts

Spicy Jams/Jellies

1ST PLACE: Linden’s Gourmet - Spicy Jalapeno


2ND PLACE: Fired Up Jellies and Jams - Cinnful

                    Peach Habanero Jam

3RD PLACE: Grim Reaper Foods - Yellow Lemon

                    Habanero Marmalade

Spicy Honeys

1ST PLACE: Bend Sauce - Smokin’ Hot Honey

2ND PLACE: World Honey Market LLC - Datil Sting

                    Hot Honey

3RD PLACE: Flour Girl & Flame - Flaming Hot


Spicy Grilling Sauces

1ST PLACE: Smokey By Nature- Smokey

                   Dopalicious BBQ Sauce - The O.G.

2ND PLACE: My Dad’s BBQ - Spicy BBQ Sauce

3RD PLACE: Mack’s Barbecue Paint - Extreme

                    Heat Tuscan

Ethnic Sauces

1ST PLACE: Rockin’ JR Ranch - Remoulade Sauce

2ND PLACE: Thrive Sauce Co - Coconut Yellow

                     Curry Sauce

3RD PLACE: My Chilli - Cantonese Plum Sauce

Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: Chef Flaco’s Salsa/Wicked Provisions-

                   Smoked Onion Chipotle Hot Sauce

2ND PLACE: Earthquake Spices - Death by Garlic-


3RD PLACE: Mythos Sauce Company - Kukulkan

                    Green Chile Cumin Sauce

Mild Salsas

1ST PLACE: Dos Margaritas - Dos Margaritas

                   Original Mild Salsa

2ND PLACE: Christine’s Salsa- Mild Red Bell


3RD PLACE: Bow Valley BBQ - Sweet Chili Corn


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