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2017 Awards

BBQ- Mild

  1. Howlin’ Wolf- Original Sauce

  2. 100 Mile- Bee-BQ

  3. Chip Magnet- Gunslinger



  1. Rufus Teague- Touch O Heat

  2. Kinder’s BBQ- Sweet heat Sriracha

  3. Smoky Jon’s- Fiery Gourmet Supreme


BBQ- Hot

  1. Smoky Jon’s- Fiery Gourmet Supreme

  2. Smokin’ T’s- Smokin’ T’s with a kick

  3. Rufus Teague- Blazin’ Hot


BBQ- Xtra Hot

  1. BBQ N Fools- Deadly Hot

  2. Kinder’s BBQ- XXXtra Hot

  3. Howlin’g Wolf- Xtra Hot


BBQ-Tomato Based

  1. Kinder’s BBQ- Organic Mild

  2. Smokin’ T’s- Original

  3. Moe Mountain- Hot Sauce


BBQ- Fruit

  1. Rufus Teague- Apple Mash

  2. Howlin’ Wolf- Cranberry Orange

  3. Butches BBQ- Happy Apple


BBQ- Alcohol Infused

  1. Rufus Teague- Whiskey Maple

  2. BBQ N’ Fools- Hot Sweet

  3. Jenifer’s- Bourbon Peppercorn


Hot Sauce- Mild

  1. Slap You Silly- Peaches $ Scream

  2. Hellfire- MMXVI

  3. Soothsayer- Omen


Hot Sauce- Medium

  1. Red Canyon Spices- Raptor

  2. Soothsayer- Harbinger

  3. Soothsayer- Perdition


Hot Sauce- Hot

  1. Soothsayer- Typesetter #5

  2. Gindo’s- Red Scorpion

  3. Moe Mountain- Hot Sauce


Hot Sauce- Xtra

  1. Ghost Foods- Ghost Foods Hot Sauce

  2. Gindo’s- Emperor Scorpion

  3. Hellfire- Devil’s Gold


Hot Sauce- Lousiana

  1. Gindo’s- Original Fresh & Spicy

  2. Hellfire- Elixir

  3. Slap You Silly- Sofa King


Hot Sauce- Asian Style

  1. Madison’s Sauce- Hot Sauce

  2. Gindo’s- Pacific Rim

  3. Hellfire- Pure Hell


Salsa- Mild

  1. Chip Magnet- Cilantro Lime

  2. La Casita- Abuelo’s Mild

  3. Salsa Del Diablo- Minnesota Mild


Salsa- Medium

  1. Salsa Del Diablo- Satan’s Ketchup

  2. La Casita- Original Medium

  3. Mark’s Secret Stuff- Riverfest Stein Beer


Salsa- Hot

  1. Chip Magnet- Wickedly Delicious

  2. Salsa Del Diablo- Satan’s Tears

  3. La Casita- Caliente Extra Hot


Salsa- Xtra Hot

  1. La Casita- Caliente Extra Hot

  2. Chip Magnet- Hot Mess

  3. Salsa Del Diablo- Satan’s Reaper


Salsa Verde

  1. Mark’s Secret Stuff- Totally Tomatillo

  2. Hellfire- Zombie Snot

  3. Salsa God- Hot Salsa Verde


Salsa- Fruit

  1. Elijah’s Extreme- Spicy Caribbean

  2. Tastin’ Jamacain- Cranberry Medium

  3. Chip Magnet- Mango Habanero


Wing Sauce- Medium

  1. Moore’s Marinades- Asian Teriyaki

  2. Smoky Jon’s- Fiery Gourmet Supreme

  3. Moore’s Marinades- Original Buffalo


Wing Sauce- Hot

  1. Wild Bill’s- Classically Original Wing Sauce

  2. Smokin’ T’s- Hot

  3. Moore’s Marinades- Spicy Habanero



  1. Kinder’s BBQ- Sweet Heat

  2. Moore’s Marinades- Zesty Garden

  3. Elijah’s Extreme- Deer Smear


Jerky- Mild/Medium

  1. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Moroccan Twist Beef

  2. El Norteno- Cecina

  3. Kettle Range- Spice Smoked Sausages


Jerky- Hot

  1. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Scorpion Beef

  2. El Norteno- Habanero Con Limon

  3. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Seriously Spicy Beef


Jerky- Teriyaki

  1. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Spicy Teriyaki Beef

  2. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Teriyaki Venison

  3. River City Savories- Spiced Teriyaki


Jerky- Specialty

  1. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Garlic Bison

  2. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Spicy Elk

  3. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Original Venison


Snacks- Salty

  1. Little Acre Gourmet Food’s- Hot Maple Roasted Peanuts

  2. Paris Texan Products, LLC- Salted Caramel Praline

  3. Ghost Foods- Cheese Balls


Snacks- Sweet

  1. Paris Texan Products, LLC- Caliente Praline

  2. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Brown Sugar Pineapple

  3. Katie’s Beef Jerky- Spicy Brown Sugar Pineapple


Jams/Jellies- Mild/ Medium

  1. Johnsons Berry Farm- Strawberry Pepper Jam

  2. Hacienda Maize- Mira Del Sol

  3. Johnsons Berry Farm- Raspberry Habanero Jam


Jams/Jellies- Hot/Xtra

  1. Johnsons Berry Farm- Strawberry Stinger Jam

  2. Elijah’s Extreme- Deer Smear

  3. Hacienda Maize- Fire Roasted Jalapeno Jammin’


Seasonings/ Dry Rubs

  1. 100 Mile- Dane Country Dry Rub

  2. Mower Man- Smoked Sea Salt

  3. Kinder’s BBQ- Tequila Lime BBQ Rub


Steak Sauce

  1. Rufus Teague- Steak Sauce

  2. Rufus Teague- Spicy Steak Sauce

  3. Smokin’ T’s- Original



  1. Spooky Beverages- Horseradish

  2. Jimmy Luv’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

  3. 100 Mile- Bloody Mary Mix

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