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2020 Artisan Flave Award Winners!

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Bloody Mary

1ST PLACE: Smokin' Mary- Green with Envy

2ND PLACE: Parkway Craft Beverages- Craft


3RD PLACE: Polar Bear Kitchen- Classic Bloody


Chutneys & Pesto

1ST PLACE: Zach's Pesto & Chili- Black Truffle 

                   Pesto with Italian Cheese

2ND PLACE: Big Mama's Sauce- Funky Creole


3RD PLACE: Chef Gerrie LLC.- Roasted Red

                     Pepper Slather

Herb Blend Seasonings

1ST PLACE: Steamin' Steve's- Garlic Herb


2ND PLACE: Tastin' Jamaican- Caribbean Jerk


3RD PLACE: Grim Reaper- Charred Remains 


1ST PLACE: Salty Wahine Gourmet Sea Salts-

                   Hot Lava

2ND PLACE: Christina Maser Co.- Citrus &

                    Rosemary Salt Blend

3RD PLACE: Warrant Man Pepper Co.- Arson Salt

Sweet Treats

1ST PLACE: Maverick Chocolate Co.- Lemon

                   Lavender White Chocolate

2ND PLACE: How Sweet It Is- Rosemary Pecan

                     Brittle Bites

3RD PLACE: WisConian Delectables- Apple Pie                           Crust Chips


1ST PLACE: Kipimana Hawaiian Granola- Coconut

                   Macadamia with Turmeric

2ND PLACE: Golden Girl Granola- Forest Maple

3RD PLACE: Alskinny Brothers- Maple Cinnamon


1ST PLACE: ChillER Manufaktura- Fusion Honey

2ND PLACE: MTN Honey- Sourwood Honey

3RD PLACE: Akaka Falls Farms- Mango Honey

Spicy Grilling Sauces

1ST PLACE: Uncle Mungo's - Bhut Jholokia BBQ


2ND PLACE: Show-Me BBQ Co. - Some Heat BBQ


3RD PLACE: Klowns on Fire!- Extreme Mango


Spicy Sauces

1ST PLACE: Sacred Sauce- Sacred Sauce

2ND PLACE: 13 Angry Scorpions- Jekyll & Hyde

3RD PLACE: Pot Uno's Infamous Sauce-

                     PainApple Sauce

Unique Salsas

1ST PLACE: Khalsa Salsa- Indian Fusion Salsa

2ND PLACE: Christelle's Culinary Corner- Island


3RD PLACE: Umami's Boy- Tomatillo Green Apple


Soft Drinks

1ST PLACE: Nessalla Kombucha- Watermelon


2ND PLACE: Christina Maser Co.- Blueberry


3RD PLACE: Let It Ride Coffee- Organic Cold



1ST PLACE: Angel's Share- Cabarrus Gold Mustard

2ND PLACE: Hungarian Chili Farmer- Honey & the

                     BEEast Mustard

3RD PLACE: Born to Hula- Yellow Dill Mustard

Spice Rubs

1ST PLACE: Wing-A-Ling- Cajun Clyde's

2ND PLACE: B.T. Leighs Sauce & Rubs- Somethin'

                    for Rubbin'

3RD PLACE: Salty Wahine Hawaiian Sea Salts-

                     Hawaiian Rub


1ST PLACE: Circle B Ranch LLC- Pineapple Pork


2ND PLACE: River Watch - Spiced Beef Jerky

3RD PLACE: Katie's Premium Meats & Jerky-

                     Ginger Beef Jerky

Crunchy Snacks

1ST PLACE: Slide Gourmet Potato Chips- Pizza

                   Flavor Potato Chips

2ND PLACE: Potter's Crackers- Cranberry

                     Hazelnut Crisps

3RD PLACE: River City Savories- Kale Krisps

Jams & Jellies

1ST PLACE: Jars of Goodness- Paradise in a Jar

2ND PLACE: Gables Delight- Raspberry Lychee

3RD PLACE: K's European Jams LLC- Pear Vanilla

Nut Butters

1ST PLACE: PB Love CO- Salty Peanut

2ND PLACE: Goodson Pecans- Cinnamon Pecan


3RD PLACE: Built by Bees- Whipped Honey Pecan


Fruit Sauces

1ST PLACE: Jake and Aimee's- Smokey Apricot


2ND PLACE: TD's Brew & BBQ- Cherry Chipotle


3RD PLACE: Le Bon Magot- White Pumpkin


Marinade & Steak Sauces

1ST PLACE: Big John's- Steak & Chop Sauce

2ND PLACE: Bow Valley BBQ, Inc.-  Blueberry


3RD PLACE: ChillER Manufaktura- Don Papa


Oils & Vinegars

1ST PLACE: Built By Bees- Orange Blossom Honey


2ND PLACE: Oliver Farms Artisan Oils- Sunflower


3RD PLACE: Burning Angel- Chili Oil #2


1ST PLACE: Bow Valley- Killa Ketchup

2ND PLACE: Olchili- West Side Tomato Sauce

3RD PLACE: Hot Sauce U- Black Garlic Ketchup

Spice Blends

1ST PLACE: Curio Spice Co.- Fleur Spice

2ND PLACE: Show-Me BBQ Co.- Caribbean Spice


3RD PLACE: Casa M. Spice Co.- Chained Reaction


1ST PLACE: Q' Nuts- Spiced Almonds

2ND PLACE: Nutkrack LLC.- Candied Pecans

3RD PLACE: Goodson Pecans- Vanilla Espresso


Pickled Veggies

1ST PLACE: Powerful Pepper Co.- Hot Pickled


2ND PLACE: My Chilli- Cucumber Relish

3RD PLACE: Beepa's- Pickled Mushrooms

Fruit Spreads

1ST PLACE: Johnson Berry Farm- Tayberry Spread

2ND PLACE: Akaka Falls Farms- Tangerine

                     Hawaiian Pineapple

3RD PLACE: Le Bon Magot LLC- Spiced Raisin


Grilling Sauces

1ST PLACE: University of Que LLC- GPA Sauce

2ND PLACE: Rising Smoke Sauceworks- Drunken

                     Smokehouse Sauce

3RD PLACE: Full Boar BBQ- Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Ethnic Sauces

1ST PLACE: UrbanQ Smokehouse- Creole Sauce

2ND PLACE: Flavor Temptations- Tika Masala


3RD PLACE: Jerk Sauce


1ST PLACE: My Salsa- Medium Salsa

2ND PLACE: Peppy Pete's- Cilantro Key Lime


3RD PLACE: Bow Valley BBQ, Inc.- Sweet Chili

                     Corn Salsa

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